Poor Content Execution Sabotages Digital Strategy, But There’s a Way Out

Research reveals that poor content execution is derailing digital strategies. But marketing and tech leaders see content management technology as a way out of this dilemma. Find out what Sitecore & Forrester discovered when they asked 431 global digital decision makers for their insights…

Even the best digital experience strategy needs a steady flow of high-quality content to deliver results. But recent Forrester research, commissioned by Sitecore, has found that this is a big problem for brands. The reason is few marketing teams have an integrated approach to content.

They’re driven by tunnel vision. They either end up creating content ad-hoc for one channel alone, or if they do create content for multiple channels, they struggle to manage the flow across channels.

Digital experience, marketing and tech leaders say they have a solution.

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Marketing Teams Struggle with Content Delivery
Only a slim majority of decision makers agree that their teams are able to deliver high-quality content without hurdles. Find out what criteria they’re using to say this and whether you qualify in the infographic.

A Majority of Decisions Want a Better Content Solution
While 85% of decision makers say they plan to invest in a better content management solution, what do they mean by that? Your answer is just a click away.

Poor Execution Has Red Flags
Knowing the signs of poor content execution can help you better align your content management and delivery. As you’ll see in the infographic, there are six red flags. Watch out for them.


Poor Content Execution Sabotages Digital Strategy, But There’s a Way Out

85% of marketing and IT decision makers plan to invest in better content solutions to deliver successful digital experiences. Find out why in this exclusive infographic from Sitecore. Download now.

Creating a Sustainable Content Strategy that Supports Business Growth 

How do you ensure that your content supports your business growth? Download this Sitecore guide to see how the 3Rs of content strategy can get you there.

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