The Cloud Checklist: Six Factors for Successful Adoption

Manufacturers are keen to tap into the benefits of the cloud. Why? Because cloud means faster provisioning, improved performance and a reduction in operational costs.

According to Forbes, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020 and manufacturers are taking notice. Keen to tap into the benefits of cloud to deliver faster provisioning, higher performance and a reduction in operational costs.

Cloud technology is necessary in order to grow and remain agile in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Cloud is more than an answer, it is an enabler.

Manufacturers need to start by considering their hybrid cloud solutions when investing in their cloud maturity model. But, getting started isn’t always easy, which is why this latest eBook covers the essentials in beginning your cloud migration journey.

Discover the six successful factors of successful cloud adoption.

Changing Cloud Architecture

Cloud migration starts with designing a cloud architecture with a service mindset. Discover how you can ignite organisational and operational change and increase agility.

Implementing Organisational Change

Successful cloud migration takes the whole organisation, learn how you can breakdown silos and align with other teams

Embrace the multi-cloud support model

Achieving success starts with accepting change. Organisations need to accept that there will be change – and embrace it