Reinvent Your Digital Business for Sustainable Post-Crisis Transformation

Most organisations were running transformation initiatives prior to 2020, but the true urgency of tech-driven change wasn’t felt until crisis hit them hard. This report from data storage pioneers Pure Storage explores the strategies and tools leaders must embrace to build a sustainable digital business strategy to survive and thrive through disruption.

The pivot to digital completely overhauled the delivery of services and products, as well as how organisations interact with both customers and employees. With massively ramped up efforts on the customer front to retain engagement and sales, it soon became obvious that data is the star of the show. In this new report, Pure Storage lays out how leaders must re-think the way they store, manage and employ their data to deliver superior digital experiences and much more.

Data is at the core of digital transformation, and the massive shift to digital has led to an exponential data increase. So, how should you govern your data to supply maximum value to your business? This paper explains that if leaders effectively manage and ensure always-on access to that data, they’ll have an unmissable opportunity to build successful and sustainable business models for generations to come. Download the report to access Pure Storage’s insights on today’s top data challenges and how to overcome them, what the ‘next normal’ will look like for digital business, and how to build modern data storage systems fit for the new digital age.


The Top 6 Data-Related Challenges for Digital Business 
As data’s pivotal role in digital transformation continues to grow, there are a host of data-related challenges forward-thinking leaders must be aware of. From performance issues to unsuitable legacy data storage, find out how to master whatever the emerging sea of data might throw at you.

A New Design Strategy for Modern Data Experiences
Discover how leading organisations are continuing to embrace the transformation-fuelling practices that developed during the crisis – such as continuous engagement with customers and staff and agile applications and delivery models.

Champion a 100% Digital Business Mindset 
IT has taken on a whole new role in the new world of business where in-person experiences are secondary, and virtual engagement is key. Access the report for tips on perpetuating the digital mindset with a focus on no-touch operations, people, and security.



Why Do Some Organisations Thrive in a Crisis?

In challenging times, there are always some organisations that exhibit extraordinary longevity, and an ability to adapt quickly to changing times. We explore how this is possible, and whether they share a set of common characteristics.

Reinvent Your Digital Business for Sustainable Post-Crisis Transformation

This report from data storage experts Pure Storage explores how organisations can thrive and survive post-pandemic by embracing modern data storage, agile deployment, and a digital mindset.

From Seismic Disruption to a New Era of Success in Five...

Discover the five steps to accelerating digital transformation through rapid agility in this step-by-step guide from Pure Storage.