Optimising Kubernetes Environments in the Cloud

How do you improve application reliability with container-granular storage, data availability, data security, backup, and even disaster recovery while slashing your cloud container storage costs? Pure Storage has the answer…

When it comes to block storage in the cloud, leading CTOs know they have a convenient and easy to provision solution on their hands. But this solution was designed to provide storage to VMs, not Containers. Now that the industry best practices are evolving once more, CTOs must weigh up the benefits of moving to a new data infrastructure – or risk facing problems with limited density of volumes per host, slow and unreliable failover, and more in a dynamic Kubernetes environment.

To avoid these issues and dramatically lower costs, leaders are turning to software-defined storage platforms with scale-out storage, data availability, security back-ups and disaster recovery running on one or multiple clouds. Kubernetes already automates application deployment, but forward-thinking CTOs can go further by intelligently provisioning storage only when needed. Leaders who channel virtualised and automated processes can eliminate costs and heighten performance whilst benefitting from superior data protection and disaster recovery frameworks.

In this report, learn about the kinds of solutions modern CTOs are adopting to improve application reliability, Container-granular storage and much more.


Key Insights

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

The cloud promise of pay-for-use can only be applied if storage costs are intelligently provisioned to meet real-time demand. Learn how IT leaders are saving 60-90% on their compute costs by automating and virtualising cloud storage.

Unlock Full Performance

Discover how auto-provisioning not only cuts costs, but also heightens performance – especially on performance-sensitive apps where enterprises typically deploy bigger drives than are needed to hit targets.

Application Protection and Business Continuity

Learn how to ensure all application data, Kubernetes objects and application configuration are backed up, moved and restored together for maximum protection and business continuity.


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