Why Data Is Key to Transformation, Experience & Remote Operations

2020 was a wake-up call for businesses that weren’t already fully committed to digital transformation. This report from Pure Storage explores how to become a 100% digital, secure, and experience-driven organisation by focusing on your data. 

Digital strategies were reinvented across the board in 2020. A survey of IT leaders by Bredin reports an 84% spike in the use of virtual meeting platforms for customer interactions, and a 59% increase in IT automation for remote workforce operations.

With this mass shift to digital came a steep increase in data. The good news is that data forms the backbone of digital transformation today, underpinning insights, informed decisions, and superior customer experiences. But how can leaders best take advantage of, manage, and protect their growing mountain of data?

This comprehensive report from data management experts Pure Storage considers how to implement and manage the complex mix of applications that will be key to successful data-driven transformation in generations to come. For survey-based insights on trends, leading technology solutions and data protection strategies, find the answers you’re looking for in this report. Get your free copy now.


Identify and Eliminate Data-Related Challenges 
From data silos to security concerns and 24/7 uptime, find out what the most challenging aspects of data-led digital transformation are, and how you can master them at your organisation.

Where Are IT Leaders Investing?
74% are investing in modern software to support their transformation drives, and 60% are putting data security top of the list to ensure sustained business success. Uncover more insights like these in the full report.

How to Build a 100% Digital Mindset  
Digital customer and employee engagement is here to stay. Discover how to build a data-accommodating infrastructure that focuses on the needs of people, handles data securely and supports no-touch instant IT operations.



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