The Road to Recovery with Data-Led Rapid Agility

Companies everywhere have faced disruption this past year. But this won’t be the last time, so readying yourself now is fundamental for future stability. How? The clear-cut answer is rapid agility, as outlined in this new report drawing on the successes of Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team’s impressive recovery.

In crisis recovery mode, agility is much more than just a buzzword. When supply, demand, operations and the very existence of your industry are put in question, rapid agility is crucial not just for innovating but to survive in the now. A new a survey of business leaders by Coleman Parkes reflects this. 43% of respondents reported they shortened three-year transformation plans to mere weeks during the pandemic, in a bid both to stay afloat and to build a business model fit for inevitable future disruption.

Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team shows an exemplary case of fast-tracking transformation to these ends. Despite being predominantly trackside and factory-based, its highly fluid data experience and flexible infrastructure meant it could innovate seamlessly to recover and thrive. This report reveals how you too can deploy a modern data experience and rapid agility to power current and future recovery at your organisation.

Access the report today to discover how a fluid, always-on data infrastructure can prove fundamental to meeting changing business demands and performance. You’ll learn how to match your innovation with airtight security measures, and how to ensure flexibility in your infrastructures. What’s more, you’ll see how running on an everything-as-a-service model will boost flexibility, optimise your budget, and let you scale on demand.

Eager to get started on your rapid agility journey? Download the report to access the insights today.


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