How Emerging Technologies Promise to Transform Healthcare

In a joint in-depth analysis of the healthcare organization, MIT and VMware draw on perspectives from healthcare CIOs and IT security leaders on how digital is transforming the sector. Get your copy now.

In the face of extreme growth in demand, modern healthcare organizations are embracing digital transformation as the primary means of accelerating patient health, business, and financial goals. The surge in demand is fueled not only by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also by patient demands for greater personalization in their care and treatment.

What patients today crave and look for are similar levels of intuitive and remote access to healthcare that they get from their shopping and banking experiences. It’s up to healthcare CIOs and IT security leaders to find a way to deliver those experiences seamlessly and securely. The “consumerization” of healthcare is steering hospitals, clinics, and physician practices to find new ways to exploit the value of new technologies and address patient needs that traditional healthcare delivery methods simply cannot.

But where do you begin in your transformation efforts?

With this new report from MIT and VMware and our partner Innovators, NTT DATA, discover where healthcare leaders should invest their transformation efforts first. Inside, you’ll learn more about three emerging technologies – 5G, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – and how each impacts patient outcomes whilst enhancing your business operation. Get your free copy today and transform your organization.


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How Emerging Technologies Promise to Transform Healthcare

Unlock perspectives from healthcare CIOs and IT security leaders about how 5G, IoMT, and AI are transforming the healthcare sector with a patient-first, cost-effective model.

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