Unified Commerce – Retail is Coming Together

Get this in-depth report for high-level insight into emerging trends and best practices for creating amazing customer experiences

This white paper is for North American retailers who want to understand more about the growing connection between cloud computing and unified commerce.

Historically, when a retailer launched their first channel (typically bricks and mortar), they established a technology silo that was focused solely on that first channel.

Each new sales channel (catalog, e-commerce, mobile, etc), led to new siloes.

The findings examine how technology is integrating these siloes, and offers insight into where the market is heading and where growth will be found.

Inside you’ll also find predictions for the next five years, including the emergence of five key technology pillars:

  • Store/POS
  • E-Commerce
  • Sales/Marketing/CRM
  • Merchandising/SCM
  • BI/Analytics