7 emerging trends that are changing retail

Get this in-depth report for high-level insight into emerging trends and best practices for creating amazing customer experiences

In the past decade, few industries have been impacted by rapid advancements in technology quite like the retail industry. The result? Retailers have been faced with an ‘evolve-or-die’ ultimatum.

Emerging platforms have created new channels to reach customers. There’s been a proliferation of personal devices, smartphones and tablets. Retailers now have access to massive amounts of customer and market data, which presents both a great risk and a great opportunity. Get this complimentary report to discover:

Digital in-store experiences
Explore how new innovations in retail technology are helping customers get the purchasing information they need. Find out how the rise of beacon marketing campaigns influence shopper behaviour.

Amazing customer experiences through intelligent operations
Exploring the tools and techniques for helping retail employees to save time and serve customers better. Explore how this includes taking control of the value chain. After all, the need for speed has changed fulfilment forever…

Globalising retail & why social is the new e-commerce
Smarter and faster is the new normal – so discover how to take advantage of e-commerce while facing the might of Alibaba.com. And see why conversions on the likes of Facebook are the key to continued business success.

The rise of omnichannel and the sharing economy
Analysing how retailers should respond to the continued blurring of the lines between online and offline shopping. Examining the opportunities and threats arising from consumers shifting away from ‘owning’ products.

Tackling cybercrime while making the most of big data
Learn how retailers are managing security risks, while freeing teams to uncover hidden insights for better strategic decisions.

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