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Digital transformation: 7 steps to success

How businesses can stay relevant and competitive in today’s new digital era

Digital transformation represents the opportunity for businesses to think and operate like digital companies. In the way they engage customers, empower employees, optimize  operations and transform products. In this resource guide, you’ll learn actionable insights outlining seven steps to help you map your path to digital transformation success.

Key takeaways:

There is not only one way to go about digital transformation

Leaders must develop their own vision, communicating it internally before starting. It is more about identifying the right use cases that will make the most impact on things like customers or the bottom-line.

Rolls Royce: from selling engines to ‘power by the hour’

With 13,000+ engines for commercial aircraft in use, Rolls Royce needed a way to gain insights from the data created. In terms of what features are being used, how the product is performing, and enabling next-generation technology such as IoT. Explore how Microsoft’s partnership connected multiple touchpoints to enable a transformation in services provided.

The ‘learn fast’ era

Today is all about either disrupting or adopting early, and not being left behind. Explore why the IT industry has to move on from expensive and lengthy planning and implementation projects.

‘Who is my Uber?’

Guidance from one of Microsoft’s top digital strategists, discussing modern-era competition. And why it’s never been more important to keep your ear to the ground and ask where your industry’s next disruptor is coming from.

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