The future of field service management

Newsweek describes Kevin Ashton as ‘the Father of the
Internet of Things”.

The founder of the Auto-ID center at the Massachusetts Institutute of Technology has done pioneering work in radio-frequency identification and sensor technology, and identified how IoT is transforming field service management.

Clearly, field service management and IoT are deeply intertwined. But how are the changes being implemented? And how can you benefit from them?

View this report, which features Kevin, and gain exclusive insight into the future of field service management:

  • 4 ways to reduce cost and increase efficiency
    Explore IoT’s potential with regards to automation, with a ‘before and after’ comparison
  • Inventory management: Aberdeen Group research
    Discover which areas yield the greatest improvements from mobile field usage
  • How IoT is redefining ‘service’
    View ways that data is used to anticipate, rather than respond, to customer needs
  • The IoT future
    Find out the 3 factors that will change organizations over the next few years