Digital transformation in sales: Evolving the art of customer engagement

Customer engagement is about more than touchpoints – it’s about everything that happens in between personal and digital encounters.

Microsoft recently talked to 48 sales leaders of organizations with revenues between $20m and $1bn+ about this issue. Over a series of interviews, they shared how they use sales technology in their organization and what they think about the future of sales transformation.

View this report to find out:

  • The relationship between engagement and productivity
    Discover why top-performing sales organizations are prioritizing digital transformation
  • Navigating the digital transformation journey
    Explore organizational differences in technology adoption, based on perceptions and behaviors
  • Technology skeptics
    Uncover the challenges when managing these types of teams, and the reasons for hesitancy towards adopting new technology
  • Technology followers
    See what happens when organizations begin to evolve, and the role of senior management in driving them forward
  • Striver’ organizations
    Examine the impact of a cultural shift within organizations, and see what happens as support comes from top-down
  • What sets transformation leaders apart
    Dive into the required frameworks to yield deep insights for better engagement and tailored customer experiences

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