Uncovering the power of intelligent analytics in your business

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We’re beginning to understand and adapt to the changes required in the ways we sell, market, and provide outstanding service to our customers.

Although there are many ways we can approach this, one of the most compelling ways is using intelligent analytics to unify the approach to customer engagement.

This report is essential reading for any professional looking for ways to gain competitive advantage with customer experience. View this report and find out about:

  • The pressure on business operations
    Examining research which found sales representatives find themselves doing non-sales work for 78% of their day
  • Customer journeys
    Exploring 5 ways intelligent analytics can deliver what customers demand
  • Building customer loyalty
    Methods for helping sales and marketing bring value to your customers
  • Impact of customer knowledge on the buying process
    Understanding the multi-channel customer journey to get better insights within data
  • What erodes customer loyalty
    Getting the balance right between ‘low effort’ and ‘high effort’ interactions