‘Getting with the Program’ – special report by Raconteur

Program failure is preventable. Read our Special Report “Getting with the Program” and get wisdom from veteran CEOs on the pitfalls of program failure.

Failure on any large transformation program should be unthinkable for every company.

The cost of failure and the business impact is immense – not to mention the impact on the brand. Negative brand equity damages, not just the business’s reputation, but can also shrink its market value.

Not what shareholders want to see.

Poor strategy execution quickly unbuttons all the traction gained from investment in the brand – sometimes with permanent reputational damage.

What’s more, there is always the risk that gloomy sentiment extends to consumers – as well as key supplier relationships.

Companies should do everything they can to sidestep regular execution hazards.

Here’s an astonishing fact:

70% of programs fail to deliver the business outcomes promised at the kick-off.

A disturbing piece of data – Perhaps you’re asking ‘Why’?

Well, this can be for a number of reasons but a major contributor is vagueness around roles and responsibilities when a program starts.

With no proper governance, clear-cut accountability and lucid role definitions, strategic programs run the ‘almost certain’ risk of not delivering what they set out to do.
In our Special Report, ‘Getting with the Program’, produced by Raconteur, a number of CEOs were interviewed and asked to share wisdom from their experiences of strategy execution.

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