Don’t Drop the Ball: The Guide to Guaranteed Program Management Success

Download Mentor’s latest insight guide to discover more about the 5 balls that you cannot afford to drop for program execution success.

What would you do if you just had to make your next strategic program work?

A tough question at the best of times.

The pressure to successfully deliver business-critical programs has never been more intense.

Working with many organisations over the years Mentor has found that they repeatedly drop the same 5 balls when it comes to strategic program delivery.

Discover what you need to solve them in this new Insight Guide.

The 5 balls you cannot afford to drop when running any program:

ALIGNMENT (Without alignment, it’s over) 

PROGRAM PLANS (Nothing happens by accident) 

ORGANISATION (No one can whistle a symphony; it takes a whole orchestra)

SUPPLIERS (Managing them is not as easy as it looks)

DEPENDENCIES (Everyone needs someone to lean on, and trust)