How ‘Mobile-Centric’ Fibre Networks Will Make the UK a 5G Leader

Solving the UK’s mobile network operators (MNO) biggest obstacle

UK MNOs need affordable dark fibre to link cell sites if they’re to keep adding capacity to 4G networks in dense urban areas and to make a start on 5G. But it’s not readily available.

This puts the UK on the back foot compared to many other large economies, where a combination of more favourable regulatory regimes and investment in fibre to the premises make it easier for MNOs to source affordable fibre infrastructure and roll out 5G.

This whitepaper shows how UK MNOs can work with each other and with fixed infrastructure providers and investors to drive change. It advocates a cost-effective approach to fibre network deployment that meets MNOs’ future network requirements while supporting fixed operators’ full-fibre roll-out.

Why there’s rising strain on 4G networks

Explore drivers including voice and data, and the lack of dark fibre for backhaul. Find out how Ofcom is reacting, and see why current UK regulations mean there’s plenty of work to be done around dark fibre pricing, usage, and sales.

How other countries are solving dark fibre

Gain insight into global strategic 5G approaches, and why they’re working.There’s discussion of markets in the US, France and Asia – where China and South Korea are vying to be 5G world leaders.

Spotlight on the government’s full fibre project

View analysis of fixed operators’ full fibre deployments, how 5G investors can cut their costs and bolster their business case, and where the ‘mobile-centric’ approach can unlock opportunities.

The centralised radio-access-network (C-RAN) approach

Find out how C-RANs let operators centralise crucial functions that are currently performed on cell towers, such as baseband processing.

The cost-effective question (and answer)

Discover why a ‘mobile-centric’ network offers little or no total cost of ownership gains for a single operator, and where partnerships are the way forward in dense areas.

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