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Mentor helps mobile operators, fibre providers and infrastructure players figure out how to respond to the huge opportunities presented by 5G and fibre.


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Full Fibre versus Gigabit Broadband – What happened to Boris’ big idea?

A few months back Boris promised Full Fibre for everyone. But, at some point in the last few weeks, the language changed.

How your business can take advantage of the 5G opportunity

The 5G excitement is building. The applications look mind boggling and will touch everyone’s lives.

Unlocking the 5G Dark Fibre market in the UK – David Hilliard

‘Mobile-Centric’ Fibre is a new UK Fibre network designed to meet the needs of Mobile Operators.

5G execution will test telcos like never before. These programs will be brutes to manage.

‘The Mentor Way’ is a simple but effective health-check that makes sure everything required for 5G success is considered at the outset.

There’s so much Full Fibre activity from the UK ALT.Net community – driven by a tsunami of cash from eager investors.

5G will stretch you like never before

How prepared are you to make the most of 5G? It’s complex. It’s not fully understood. But it’s a massive opportunity.