Selecting an enterprise mobile application development platform

front cover

This new report for business leaders contains the latest guidance for selecting an Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platform. It’s from Ovum, ranked as one of the UK’s leading management consultants.

The 41-page report cites Kony as a market leader, having “established a commanding market position with a comprehensive and capable product that is widely accepted as best-of-breed.”

Key takeaways

How to evaluate a MADP using Ovum’s Decision Matrix
Explore MADP solutions across three dimensions: Technical features, market execution, and market impact.

Find out what’s shaping and driving the MADP platform
Covering the rise in artificial intelligence, how low-code/no-code has shifted from niche to mainstream offering, and why cloud-native computing is impacting the way mobile apps connect.

5G on the horizon
Evaluating MADP solutions that can support 5G-reliant technologies such as AR, VR, IoT.

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