Forrester: 2016 Global Mobile Banking Functionality

This Forrester report is essential reading for any senior executive looking to improve their retail bank’s digital, online and mobile products and services.


Worth $495, ‘2016 Global Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark’ gives you exclusive insight into the digital retail banking market. The findings will help you benchmark your bank’s mobile banking capabilities, identify good practices, and discover areas where you could improve mobile banking services.

Following research across 46 global retail banks in 4 continents, the analysis, findings and predictions include:

– Global best practices (page 8)
Discover how banks are evolving services to stay ahead – from SMS and mobile apps, to emerging technology and smartwatches

– Customer experience (page 14)
Find out how banks are using technology to offer interactive money management tools

– Moving money with technology (page 18)
Explore how banks are helping customers to transfer money and pay bills

– Problem areas for customer service (page 22)
Uncover where digital teams need to add value and empower users

– Guiding customers between touchpoints (page 28)
See how well banks’ mobile apps support customers to access human support when they need it

– Mobile marketing and sales: From ‘Excellent to Nonexistent’ (page 30)
Meet the leaders and laggards in the battle to win new customers and sell more products and services

– Mobile banking as a platform to engage customers (page 34)
How to meet the challenge of new competitors such as digital banks and digital wallets

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