Roadmap to digital-first banking

Guidance on tackling the 4 main challenges posed by disrupters and digital transformation

The newer competitors in fintech – as well as the existing competition from giant financial institutions – mean that mid-sized or regional banks and credit unions are being outspent, out-marketed, and outmanoeuvred in technology and innovation.

This roadmap shows you how to compete and succeed. Customer experience and the ability to innovate quickly are the key currencies in today’s battleground to becoming the recognised leader in digital banking. Explore guidance from Kony, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, on the following:

Challenge 1: Channel migration

Explore the impact of changing customer expectations, with many preferring digital banking as the primary way to transact with their banks.

Challenge 2: Future-proofing

Discover some of the methods banks are using to solve legacy IT systems. This includes analysis of de-coupling – where customer-facing front-end tools are separated from legacy back-end technology.

Challenge 3: Digital talent, digital culture

Find out why some banks have successfully achieved digital transformation – including best practices for integrating in-house and external resources.

Challenge 4: Smart implementation

Build or buy? View a side-by-side comparison of the 7 factors to consider when deciding which approach is best for creating a winning digital banking platform.

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