Case study: Bringing mobility to the utility industry

Bringing mobility to the utility industry

This free report shows how one of Ireland’s leading utility providers successfully implemented a new mobile app (MyWork) for field workers. ESB Networks broke away from using an industrial hand-held device, instead picking the iPhone 6 in combination with a sturdy case. MyWork acts as a mobile front end that gives field technicians live access to SAP IS-U which is ESBN’s work management system.


Beyond updating the basic mobile technology, ESBN wanted to deliver a solution providing greater efficiency to its field workforce. Key requirements included:

  • A more intuitive and convenient user interface
  • Offline functionality, with data replication, so the app remains usable when no network connection is available
  • High security
  • Integration with ESBN’s enterprise backend system, SAP ERP 6.0 IS-U, utility industry version of SAP’s enterprise resource planning software


  • a more modern and flexible app for field service workers
  • leveraged commodity hardware and standard mobile operating systems
  • preserved portability between mobile operating systems
  • integrated with enterprise systems
  • higher performance and offline functionality