Biometrics & digital banking: Bypassing the password

How to enable one of the industry’s most secure digital applications

Biometrics is transforming the banking industry, while playing a pivotal role in the success of mobile banking. Customers can access their accounts more quickly and easily, while banks save time and money when verifying identities. This report shows how to harness what is an essential tool for winning customers and delivering transformative experiences.

How to choose the right biometrics technology for your business

Explore some of the key factors you need to consider – including security, convenience, willingness to use, availability and maturity.

Comparison chart of technologies

View analysis of the benefits and downsides to fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, and palm recognition.

The future of biometrics

Gain insight into adoption strategies for consumer identification, including the need to be diligent on the following aspects technology partner/providers, scalability and choices, deployment speed and reliability.

report front cover

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