You’ve Got Mail – The Rise of Email Threats

Protect your business from sophisticated, targeted and costly attacks.

To understand the scale of the issues facing business and how they’re responding to it, we conducted a survey of 300+ IT decision makers from a range of industries.

With around 240 billion emails sent every day, and 91% of all cyberattacks beginning with spear-phishing emails, organisations are facing an unprecedented threat. In the US alone, businesses lose close to $500 million every year. Globally, businesses lose billions – this cannot continue.

This report includes a collation of views from high-level decision makers across industries, from system administrators through to CTOs and CISOs. Together, they share thoughts around key challenges impacting businesses where cybersecurity and email threats are concerned.

Exploring findings from our survey, our report evaluates the evolution of email threats, identifying common concerns surrounding email security or lack thereof. Contents also include insights into an increase in threats, identifying attacks, employee education as well as the shifting attitudes towards non-email communication methods.

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