The Essential Guide to Email Security

Email is an integral part of how we communicate in the modern world – and hackers know it. Every organisation and sector in the world uses email to some degree, making it a key target for hackers. But too many people overlook email security, especially in the education sector. 

It’s time to put a stop to that. 

Download our handy guide to give out to everyone who uses your email services. Over ten easy steps, they’ll learn the simple things they can do to secure their inbox and keep your network secure. Don’t wait – download this useful free training material today. Don’t wait – download this useful free training material today. 

Key Insights:

How to create a secure password 

  • Poor passwords are a major security risk. Teach your users how to create a build a strong password to secure their accounts.  

Why Two-Factor Authentication is essential 

  • Educate your users about 2FA to ensure they take extra steps to protect their accounts from hackers. 

How to avoid a malicious attack 

  • Show your users what behaviour to avoid online to stop malicious attacks dead in their tracks. 

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