Caught Off Guard: The Rise of Distributed Spam Distraction

In the next four years, nearly 60 billion junk emails will be sent every day. It’s no surprise hackers have now turned to a new strategy to exploit organisations. In our latest guide learn more about Distributed Spam Distraction (DSD) and how to protect your organisation against potential attacks. 

In this eBook, we explore the premise behind DSD attacks, and why it’s become a successful hacking method. You’ll also learn the best practices to safeguard your organisation and protect your employees.  

Key Insights:

The Strategy Behind DSD Attacks  

  • Learn about the strategy behind DSD attacks and the methods hackers use to gain access to accounts and bringing organisations to a standstill.    

A Smokescreen for Fraudulent Transactions 

  • Discover how hackers are sophisticating their methods and why this form of attack is increasing in popularity.  

Prevention is Better than Cure

  • Discover why education is key to keeping your organisation safe. Learn about the best practices to prevent DSD attacks and safeguard inboxes from email bombing. 

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