Account Takeover: The Best Practices for Achieving Full Protection

New work practices are leaving organisations vulnerable to new forms of attack, including account takeover. But with our new white paper, you can learn more about how this novel form of cyberattack occurs, as well as how to protect your organisation from account takeover attacks. 

Download this free guide today to learn about the most common types of account takeover attacks. You’ll also learn a range of strategies and techniques to overcome the challenges account takeover attacks involve.

Key Insights:

Brute Force, Spear Phishing, Dark Web

  • Learn about these three distinct methods that hackers use to gain access to employee accounts so they can do untold damage to an organisation.   

Account Takeover Protection 

  • Discover a range of strategic solutions for protecting your organisation from account takeover attacks, including education and multi-factor authentication. 

How AI Empowers Enterprise 

  • No IT admin can protect an entire organisation from account takeover – but they can with an AI solution. See how AI is being used to detect and block malicious emails before they reach staff. 

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