Future-ready cloud: Processors for business transformation

View how next-generation scalable processors empower hybrid cloud solutions for business transformation

book coverTechnology is no longer a supporter of internal business processes – it has become the catalyst.

As a result, companies need to innovate faster to stay relevant. Particularly larger incumbents who find it hard to compete with disruptive, agile, fast-moving startups. This puts extra pressure on IT teams to develop new digital ecosystems.

Hybrid cloud is one answer to staying competitive. However, there’s something else that needs to underpin the infrastructure. This report shows how next-generation processors can be the foundation that enables businesses to transform.

Key takeaways

Challenges to enterprise IT

Infrastructure budgets may have flatlined, but IT departments are expected to show increased innovation. Explore how to respond – by baking agility and versatility into the infrastructure. This reduces TCO, helps tackle cybercrime, and meets business leaders’ expectations.

The role of processors in hybrid cloud

Of course, hybrid cloud demands agility, what with it being multi-application and multi-tenant. Discover how a new range of processors deliver x1.6 performance levels across workloads. With new microarchitecture features, increased core count, and greater memory bandwidth.

Running more efficient data centres

Sooner or later it becomes more efficient to modernise data centre infrastructure, rather than maintaining or patching. Find out how to replace four older (4–5 years) systems with one server, reducing data centre footprint and redirecting more IT budget towards growing your business.

Advice on building out new infrastructures

Learn how new processors offer enhanced processing of encryption algorithms. Protecting data and enabling deployment of more advanced security into distributed environments. Without compromising on performance, and boosting reliability, availability, and serviceability.

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