Where will your manufacturing enterprise be in 5 years?

Harness the industrial Internet of Things and advanced analytics for connected, agile and competitive manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is completely disrupting manufacturing – an already fiercely competitive sector.

Success will come to those who can respond quickest to changes in consumer demand and leftfield disruptions. Investing in Industry 4.0, or IOT-enabled enterprise, is crucial for transforming from rigid to agile manufacturing, from push to pull customer relationships, and for creating entirely new revenue streams

This executive brief shows how a predictive maintenance solution can be the answer – working to deliver IT and business value:

Key takeaways

4 key disruptions are driving change within manufacturing

Explore analysis of the astonishing rise in data volumes; the emergence of analytics capabilities; new forms of human-machine interaction; and improvements in transferring digital instructions to the physical world, such as 3D printing.

Predictive maintenance is transforming the factory floor

Discover how the technology analyses data to help determine the condition of equipment, and will predict when you need to carry out maintenance.

Machine learning is helping bridge gaps in knowledge

Explore how manufacturers are using machine learning to make up for losing retiring workers’ expertise. See how production line performance is modelled using a digital twin of a physical asset to provide a baseline of expected performance for manufacturing lines.

Manufacturers with comprehensive predictive maintenance plans average a 25% return on assets

View the impact on ROI among manufacturers who are adopting this next-generation technology. Plus take a look at future plans, such as introducing autonomous software-defined machines and the rise of intelligent and on-demand Factory as-a-Service (FaaS).

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