Discover the latest trends in hybrid cloud

Examining drivers, benefits and challenges of
multi-clouds and hybrid clouds

The movement to hybrid cloud is a complex business. Not surprisingly, some 60% of or­ganisations globally said they plan to seek some sort of third-party assistance with forging multi-cloud strategies, while a minority of organisations said they will take a best-of-breed or do-it-yourself approach.

This report examines key cloud trends, both globally and in the UK in particular. In the re­port, we discuss the key business drivers and benefits of multi-clouds and hybrid clouds, and we surface trends for individual workloads, as well as some of the challenges to cloud deployment. View your copy to discover:

Cloud adoption trends in the UK
View the percentage of cloud deployments versus non-cloud, and how this will change by 2018. Includes analysis of how UK organisations will use different on-premises and off-premises cloud environments.

Changes in business priorities and the rise of multi-cloud
Learn how IT’s focus has evolved from increasing revenue and lowering costs, to speeding up time to market while improving quality of service. See how a workload-specific approach can help bridge the gap that is often found between IT and business leaders.

Interoperability between clouds & drivers for workload placement decisions
Discover configuration trends spanning hosted, virtual private, public, and on-premises. Explore some of the common factors, ranging from cost and control, to security and centralisation.

Building a business case for cloud and deployment challenges
Survey respondents share insight into the econom­ic, organisational and technological drivers across the different cloud models. Includes the 9 challenging aspects of cloud deployment.

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