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The future of UK & European financial services

New report: Discover if the industry is ready to take advantage of next-generation technology

This just-released report from Intel and CEO.digital carries exclusive insight from IT and data leaders from leading UK & European financial institutions.

Intel decided to assess the industry’s sentiment towards, and readiness for next-generation technology. This report, produced in collaboration with CEO.digital, is the result – strategic analysis of senior executive attitudes towards Industry 4.0 building blocks. For example, fintech partnerships, blockchain, and processors.

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Key takeaways

Investment plans for the next 12 months
Senior executives plan to invest in tools including predictive analytics, machine learning, hybrid cloud, processors.

The rise of blockchain
76% strongly agree or agree that blockchain will increasingly become part of IT services infrastructure.

Competition not collaboration
Over half (53%) of respondents are already partnering with fintech companies, a figure expected to increase by 16% over the next year.

The impact of fintech disruptors on the bottom line
Banks and insurers are losing business across verticals, particularly in insurance, investments, and transfers.

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