How financial institutions can stay ahead of the AI revolution

There is no doubt that AI represents the next wave of computing and will unleash major change in all industries, bringing benefits in all aspects of our lives. For financial institutions, AI represents an opportunity to radically improve efficiency, risk management and fraud detection as well as customer service.

The research paper, produced by Finextra in association with Intel, brings together the views of a broad range of AI experts and users from across the financial industry on how to tackle the key challenges and opportunities banks face as they embark on their AI journeys.

The paper addresses a number of important questions including:

  • What are the key AI techniques financial institutions should be exploring?
  • In which application areas does AI have the most potential now – and in the future?
  • What are the technology and cultural considerations banks must address to move forward with AI?
  • What are the risks banks face in the AI space – and what risks do they face if they don’t engage?
  • What should the leading providers of technology financial institutions be doing to support banks in exploiting AI, and are they delivering so far?
  • To which leading examples of AI success can banks look, and what can the financial industry learn from other industries when it comes to taking advantage of AI?

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