How financial services firms are using AI and machine learning

Discover strategies for getting the most out of next-generation tech and solving your business challenges

book coverAI and machine learning have reached a critical tipping point and will increasingly augment and extend virtually every technology enabled service, thing or application.

What’s more, the barriers to adoption among financial firms are falling away. A lack of infrastructure, resources and data scientists is no longer a problem. That’s because deep learning is to be democratised, using the Nervana platform.

This report, for senior IT executives in financial services, shows you how to harness this transformative technology. Preventing fraud, improving customer experience, enhance predictive capability. View your copy and discover how to:

Solve financial challenges

Explore how banks, trading companies and insurance carriers are deploying deep learning. Capturing the complex statistical nature of financial data, flagging fraud, predicting security market changes.

Integrate more data sources

Find out how deep learning uncovers relationships and causal effects that humans and traditional machine learning can miss. Includes a look at new, non-traditonal sources of insight, such as social media and industry news.

Reduce costs & complexity

Discover how deep learning solves the problem of siloed IT infrastructure and understands data across platforms. Acting as a tool for automating complex processes – from transactions and settlements, to trading and marketmaking.

Deploy deep learning as a hub across your organisation

Gain best practices for enabling IT teams to design, develop and deploy deep learning models. With particular focus on speed, ease of use, affordability, flexibility, security and scalability.

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