From data to action: The Intel guide to analytics

Here are some best practices we’ve learned, in working with 100s of businesses, for building an analytics culture that will truly pay off

Analytics has the potential to transform industries. However, for many, the ability to uncover insights is still in its infancy. This report includes how to build an organisation capable of acting on analytics. Explore the views of CIOs, CTOs and other decision-makers from the likes of AOL, EMC and Chevron. And gain insight into topics such as:

How to get value from almost any analytics project
Discover 4 troubleshooting methods for making changes that solve problems and position your organisation for ongoing success. Insight comes from Intel’s Chief Data Scientist

Free framework: How to identify the best analytics problems to pursue
Find out what happens when your analytics work starts to get results. See how to prioritise projects based on measurable business value, previous results and efficiencies

Key issues when building analytics systems
Explore different approaches to making data available and useful within your organisation. Includes insight from AOL, EMC, and Intel

10 big data questions and answers
Gain high-level strategic insight into organising data by value and risk. Explore policies for retention/deletion, the role of cloud, IoT opportunities, plus much more

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