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Creating new IoT-driven insurance services

This new report takes an IoT-fuelled journey into the insurance industry of the future.

For senior executives, the content explores why now’s the time for insurance to reform. Analysing the changing role that companies with IoT will play in society. And how services will be reformed from reactive to proactive.

How services will be reformed

Risk assessments redefined

Explore how medical cost prediction technology can be used to identify high-risk policyholders. Recommending where risks can be reduced, through preventive assistance such as health guidance.

Predicting and preventing accidents

Find out how maintenance services can be designed to minimise damage risk. Simply by identifying accident warning signs and performing maintenance. Before failures occur.

Reverse-engineering successful insurance

Gain insight into insurance that’s literally ahead of its time. One that starts by understanding the future. Instead of collecting data from the present.

IoT in insurance

Discover how IoT can generate the data which insurance companies need to assess risk

Uncovering insurance insight data

See how big data analysis finds previously unrecognised warning signs (for future predictions and early detection).

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