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Insurance in a Box

Reducing cost per policy and increasing customer engagement with Hitachi

Squeezed budgets, cumbersome legacy systems and cost and time inefficient ways of managing enormous volumes of data are all preventing insurance organisations from leveraging data to help with customer engagement.

Insurance in a Box from Hitachi pre-integrates the applications commonly used by insurers, enabling them to focus on their customers and financial innovation.

8 Business benefits of Insurance in a box:

  1. Innovative solution targeting each business need
  2. Complements specialist systems with standard platforms
  3. Flexibility with reduced proprietary supplier “lock-in”
  4. Incremental release of new functionality
  5. Support for multi-channel digital delivery
  6. Rapid access to new platform features
  7. Integrate via platform technologies and capabilities
  8. Reduced manual interaction and legacy data “sprawl”

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