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Creating blockchain-driven financial services and business models

More than a third of financial institutions (39%) expect to undergo a major digital transformation over the next two years and emerge as significantly different companies. Discover the 5 universal steps to digital transformation.

Blockchains are gaining attention as a new platform technology for financial transactions, offering the benefits of lower intermediation costs with more transaction impartiality and transparency.

Their use as a financial transaction platform has the possibility not only to bring about changes in the business models of existing financial services, but also to create new financial services and businesses.

This resource discusses the technical features of blockchain technology and its potential applications in the finance sector.

Discover ways of linking blockchain technology with the IoT and other industries to create new services and businesses, and explore the challenges to be overcome upon achieving them.

Key ideas:

* Discover the technology components that constitute Blockchains

* The features and benefits of Blockchain

* Use cases in the financial sector

* Expanding services through IoT coordination

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