The white book of managing hybrid IT

The definitive guide to maximising the cloud, enabling innovation and redefining governance

As cloud usage matures, the competitive advantage of being an ‘early adopter’ has pretty much disappeared. The advantage now is from unlocking the value in existing data and systems, and uncovering new ways of engaging customers. Ultimately, it’s about changing the way organisations operate.

This white book gives you a comprehensive guide to putting together a framework for this new landscape – where hybrid cloud is the go-to option. Find out how to manage the full cloud lifecycle, from procurement to decommissioning, and prepare your organisations for the adaptation challenges ahead.

Rethinking innovation and modernisation opportunities (page 12)

Explore the secrets behind the success of organisations factoring hybrid into their IT model. For example, identifying legacy applications that could benefit from interaction with cloud
services, and modernising them so that cloud services can be added – even while these applications remain on-premises. Includes feedback from Telefonica Digital regarding its HR transformation.

Growing pains: Managing multiple clouds alongside existing IT (page 16)

Discover methods for system integration of large numbers of cloud systems, where it’s not viable to link services, processes and data through point-to-point integrations. Includes guidance for CIOs who want to ensure business units can get the services they want quickly, while also providing the assurance that these services match governance requirements.

Managing security with multiple clouds (page 23)

Get a 10-point security checklist which covers organisations’ most significant cloud concerns. This covers everything from sensitive data and business-critical information through to viability of services and controlling access.

How IT can adapt governance models, integration processes and management systems (page 27)

Gain overarching strategic insight that covers leadership and management, process and policy, tools and systems. Plus thoughts from IT leaders on the role of IT in hybrid transformation, and what to look for when choosing cloud services.

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