Market report: State of orchestration

Orchestration is the key that unlocks the advantages of hybrid cloud. This report contains the insights you need to build a successful orchestration strategy.

This report is essential reading for IT leaders wanting high-level peer insight regarding orchestrating cloud services in complex landscapes. Discover how orchestration has evolved over the last 12 months. There are first-hand orchestration accounts from two large and complex organisations. Plus you’ll find building blocks you can put in place for your business.

Today’s orchestration landscape (page 5)

Explore findings such as 64% of organisations think multi-cloud will play a bigger part in their cloud architecture over the next 2 years. Also that an overwhelming 91% want to move workloads between clouds more easily.

A question of multi-cloud (page 9)

Is multi-cloud here to stay? It certainly looks like it. On average, organisations are using 9 cloud vendors, with a third using 10+. What’s more, the findings show this number is rising year-on-year.

Trends among large enterprises (page 12)

Discover why creating a balanced strategy between a private cloud – such as VMware – with a public hyperscale cloud is very popular.

Orchestration gaining traction (page 14)

Get a detailed breakdown of the latest orchestration strategies. Cloud managed services are orchestrated by 61%, with cost control and compliance expected to be increasingly orchestrated over the next couple of years. Keeping orchestration tools independent, rather than adopting from a hyperscale provider.

Orchestration barriers (page 18)

Discover the top barriers, and how more leaders are pursuing a DevOps strategy to cope with continuous change and improvements.

Case study: Whitbread (page 22)

Explore how the UK’s largest hospitality company is approaching its orchestration strategies..

5 key building blocks for successful orchestration (page 26)

Strategic guidance on themes including the development of a service transformation program, a business-oriented IT strategy, and giving your organisation a core foundation.

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