Explore the new world of hybrid IT managed services

Discover managed services for the digital age, in a world of complex hybrid IT estates, where there’s pressure to reduce costs, improve agility, and maximise the value to your business

This Fujitsu report is essential reading for senior IT leaders exploring the likes of Azure.

Help yourself to in-depth guidance on solving ‘the workload dilemma’ – the headache of where to place workloads in order to maximise the benefits of the cloud. It covers themes from orchestration and migration, through to scaling and securing your organisation. You’ll find this is written for decision-makers tasked with adapting IT to new digital transformation-focused demands:

Strategies for categorising infrastructure and workloads

Guidance on maximising redundant resources

Proven ways to manage workloads and infrastructure, whether on-premises, hybrid, or 100% cloud

Best practices for enabling failsafe options in the event of a disaster

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