Ever heard of the hybrid IT company?

What should your hybrid scenario look like? Explore the questions – and answers – to ensure you get the most out of the workload placement dilemma.

Running all workloads in on-premises data centres is a thing of the past. Today’s organisations have different placement requirements – such as workload complexity, latency, and expected value. This gives rise to the ‘workload placement dilemma’ – deciding which workloads to place, and where.

This white paper shows how to harness hybrid IT to come up with the right answers. You’ll find analysis of workload placement use cases, the current state of hybrid IT, plus workloads insight covering migration, integration, and protection:

Availability, scalability, agility

Explore best practices for categorising infrastructure and workloads. Includes guidance on maximising redundant resources to turn business-critical applications into mission-critical applications.

Solving the workload placement dilemma

View the key questions you need answers to at a strategic level – from optimisation and deployment, to migration and hosting.

A question of workloads

Find out some of the proven ways to manage workloads and infrastructure. Areas covered include orchestration and fitting together different placement options, whether on-premises, hybrid, or 100% cloud.

Enabling failsafe options

Discover some of the methods organisations use to cope in the event of a disaster. Find out about tools for when you don’t have the resources to run dedicated DR infrastructure.

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