The FT Examines the Edge of Market Intelligence

Uncover the secrets of market intelligence use across industries in this cutting-edge survey report from the Financial Times

In today’s economy, where critical business decisions are made every minute, the quality of, and access to, market intelligence can make or break companies. But constant market upheavals are increasing market intelligence requirements at a pace that many organisations find difficult to manage.

To gain a clearer understanding of market intelligence needs and usage, the Financial Times conducted a survey of over 540 FT subscribers in Autumn 2019. The findings suggest that companies are struggling to manage market intelligence needs – but are they willing to make the necessary investments to propel their business forward?

For a closer look at how organisations are harnessing market intelligence, download this free survey report today. It’s the first step toward bringing enhanced market intelligence to your company.

Mapping Market Intelligence

Most organisations now believe high-quality market intelligence is a mainstay of strategic planning. See how they’re using it in this free report.

Industrialising Insights

Learn how organisations like NatWest, the Cabinet Office, Allen & Overy, Linklaters and LivingBridge are turning insights into industry-defining strategies.

Planning for Tomorrow

Alternative data sources are replacing traditional sources of market intelligence – fast. Discover more and how organisations are bringing depth and breadth to their insights.