London Stock Exchange Adapts to a Changing World with Help from the FT

See how the London Stock Exchange keeps abreast of a constantly changing industry and a rapidly developing regulatory landscape by harnessing the unrivalled insights of the FT

The London Stock Exchange Group is Europe’s leading diversified exchange business. But its industry is undergoing constant economic, regulatory and competitive change, so maintaining its leading status is only possible if it has access to rapid and relevant intelligence.

That’s why the LSE Group has turned to the FT. Widely recognised as one of the most trusted, unbiased and comprehensive sources of journalism in the world, the FT provides the LSE Group with high quality market information and intelligence.

With the FT Group Subscription, the London Stock Exchange’s workforce can react and respond to industry developments in real-time. Learn more about how the Group utilises FT intelligence by downloading this free case study today.


Our FT Group Subscription helps us meet the challenge of operating in today’s fast-moving environment by giving people content to help them make quick, informed decisions.

Jonny Blostone
Press Officer, London Stock Exchange Group