Why the Future Might Not Belong to China

For decades, China has benefitted from high growth, but its dominance could be on the wane

In this article, the FT’s Chief Economics Commentator, Martin Wolf, assesses the possible future dominance of China – and claims it isn’t as likely as many economists used to think.

That’s because the fast growth that has underpinned China’s meteoric rise is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain. It should come as no surprise: China’s high investment rate at 44% of GDP in 2017 is unsustainably high.

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Trade War Exposes Harsh Realities

The US-China trade war has highlighted the limitations of the export-driven growth model China has relied on for decades.

Ultra-High Investment & Rapid Debt Accumulation

These two driving factors of China’s rise kept it growing after the 2008 financial crisis, but a bleak future could come calling very soon.

Slowing Global Growth

Global growth has been on the decline for years, and China won’t be able to perform its post-2008 impressive feat again come the next recession. Learn why and download the article today.