Forget Fake News: Equip Your Team with Trustworthy Global Market Intelligence

“Fake news is here to stay,” says Financial Times journalist Simon Kuper in an article from January 2019, “[and] fake stories are better constructed and more fun than real news, so they attract eyeballs and advertisers.”

There will always be a market for fake news, which makes discerning the correct information from the falsities in today’s journalism a challenge for any business. Harnessing and reacting to the current news is a high priority for companies and businesses, so it is vital that communications professionals and knowledge managers deploy accurate information and insights throughout their workforces.

How can the FT benefit your business, and provide you and your team with the information to make the right strategic decisions? Alongside our award-winning and globally-renowned journalism, the FT also provides insight and analysis which are relied on by thousands of businesses to make sound business choices quickly.

The Financial Times is part of our daily understanding of the background to the decisions we are taking.

Jonathan Charles, Managing director of communications, EBRD

In what ways can an FT subscription be beneficial for your team?

Equip your team with global market intelligence to make better decisions

Access to a source of high quality market intelligence has gone from being an executive benefit to a necessary education tool for all employees.

Businesses today face an unprecedented level of change: new regulations; economic and geopolitical shifts; new competition. As a senior manager, you can recognise the need to build an organisation that is alert and agile, ready to detect opportunities and threats quickly, and act accordingly. But your team needs to be equipped with the same reliable insight and analysis to help them make better informed business decisions.

We help people at all levels of an organisation to better navigate and anticipate fast-moving changes in the market. “The introduction of fastFT has been an incredible addition in our opinion,” says Maria Jané Sánchez, senior associate at CNC.

“It includes instant coverage of breaking news and allows us to respond to our clients immediately with a more informed opinion.” With this intelligence, a team’s ability to adapt is significantly strengthened, and they able to tackle challenges more easily, from a local to a global perspective.

We need to provide high quality data and intelligence for our analysts to maintain their strong reputations. The work is used around the world to aid our customers with opportunities in the commodities sector. It is vital we get the source data right.

Sarah Culpin, Head of information knowledge, CRU

Premium FT content on your choice of channel

Increasingly, businesses are moving towards more inclusive models of decision-making. This makes it vital for teams to have access to the same reliable intelligence. This access must be available whenever and however they need it.

An FT group subscription provides access to FT content, using your choice of technology and media. Our channel list is extensive, offering you and your team the opportunity to access FT content at any time from work, on whatever platform you wish to use.

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The FT’s solution delivers the best of both worlds. The FT is used to monitor important business events and gain valuable market insights. And since the FT is also available on LexisNexis, we can use it to fulfil specific research requests.

Karen Gray, Head of information resources, Gowling WLG

Avoid fake news, and deliver accurate, relevant information to your entire team

Increasingly, organisations are exposed to irrelevant fake news that can harm businesses in making decisions. A series of unreliable information streams and misinterpretation can lead to lost time, money, and morale for a team. The FT does not have this issue.

World-renowned for its journalism, scoops and insights, the FT’s group subscription is trusted and implemented by over 90% of the top global 30 PR firms. Our ability to isolate the news that matters is vital for businesses to get the information they need in a timely manner.

CNC is a global strategic communications consultancy that utilises the FT’s top quality news aggregation. “As a strategic communications adviser, we need a credible news source that offers both speedy information and high-quality analysis,” says Olivia Griffiths, director at CNC, who uses the FT to get up to speed on market developments and trends, to demonstrate hers and CNC’s credentials to clients.

I use the FT on a day-to-day basis. It’s a top priority publication for all of our clients. Everything we do revolves around getting into the FT.

Katherine Bell, Senior consultant, FTI Consulting

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