Journalism As Business Tool for the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

Uncover how the EBRD utilises the FT Group Subscription to drive understanding and help staff make informed decisions about life-changing projects

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development plays a crucial role in shaping global market economies. It works in more than 30 countries from Central Asia to the Southern Mediterranean, and has made €110 billion in investment across 4,500 projects since 1991.

The EBRD’s continued success is down to the reliable and relevant information it collects and uses to make the best possible investments. The EBRD relies on trusted resources to provide this information. It relies on trusted, unbiased FT journalism.

With the FT Group Subscription, the EBRD is able to draw on authoritative and credible intelligence to better understand how its investments will impact the world. Download this free case study to learn more about how the FT Group Subscriptions helps EBRD fulfil its roles.


What is unique to the FT in terms of daily coverage is the combination of depth and the geographical scope or breadth. This is quite hard to match, even by close rivals.

Allain Pilloux
Vice President of Banking
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development