Daiwa Asset Management Strengthens Product Creation with the FT

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Focusing on mutual funds, Daiwa Asset Management is one of Japan’s largest asset management companies, with offices worldwide. The Japanese investment industry is undergoing rapid change and rising complexity, meaning Daiwa Asset Management must keep up to date with the latest market developments to innovate and grow at pace.

FT journalism plays a substantial role in making sure Daiwa Asset Management remain on top. With its FT Group Subscription, every employee at Daiwa Asset Management has instant access to relevant, high-quality content to shape their ideas, foster innovation, and present trends to clients.

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FT’s intelligence helps us generate new product ideas because they provide us with a wide range of information on the global economy. Also, FT’s market data and analysis are useful tools that help us assist our clients with insight on the global market environment.

Mr Tone Yutaka
Senior Product Manager, Daiwa Asset Management