Credit Suisse Uses FT Journalism to Enhance Customer Relationships

Discover how Credit Suisse utilised FT journalism to ensure their managers provide expert advice, improving client retention and attraction

In the world of investment, almost nothing is more important than having the right information at the right time. Without it, investment managers can’t provide the best possible advice for their clients. But for Credit Suisse’s Managing Director Yves-Alain Sommerhalder, there is too much content out there that adds no value.

Keen to promote value-adding content within its organisation, Credit Suisse turned to the FT. With Move Digital’s unique integration solution, Credit Suisse was able to bring the latest FT content straight to its workforce as and when it is published. This provides the organisation with a common and trusted resource from which to discuss ideas.

Ensuring the entire organisation is on the same page is vital to Credit Suisse’s continued success, and the FT is at the heart of that strategy. Download this free case study to learn more about how Credit Suisse benefits from the FT’s unbiased, insightful and trustworthy journalism.


Integrating information and analysis from the FT in a systematic way into our state-of-the-art research and investment processes has the potential to be transformational for the bank and for other banks that use our service.

Yves-Alain Sommerhalder
Managing Director, Credit Suisse