How to maximise your Office 365 adoption, investment and management

Find out how to accelerate migration, simplify maintenance, and improve user productivity and security.

Migration to Office 365 is often one of the first steps in a digital transformation strategy. This in-depth white paper shows how DXC with Citrix Workspace helps you simplify this initiative with an integrated approach to cloud, mobility, and application delivery requirements.

Dive into this insight-laden document for methods that solve key security challenges related to cloud-based delivery, streamline administration and ensure a simple, highly productive experience for users. There’s also extensive analysis of how to address common challenges to ensure a smoother transition, and how increased IT efficiency helps you control costs.

Curing multiple login headaches with SSO

Discover how to give users instant access through a single interface to all of their apps of any type, with a built-in browser interface to launch web-based apps such as the web versions of Office 365 apps.

Guidance for hybrid environments

View analysis of how to bring together management of on-premises, cloud, web, SaaS, and mobile apps – every Office 365 element – into a single administrative experience.

Mobile and endpoint security

Explore ways to support flexible working securely, from IP-based filtering to more advanced, admin-defined checks such as confirming that the device is running latest antivirus program or has the right certificates installed.

Boosting user productivity

See how your mobile and desktop users can collaborate on large files without FTP or VPN. With a single view across every data source, advanced digital rights management, e-signatures, and realtime workflows.

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