On-Demand Webinar: Could Your Brand Survive an Online-Only Holiday Season?

Digital River, Akeneo and Lenovo gathered for the fourth episode of the Uncertainty into Opportunity ecommerce webinar series. This time, the ecommerce experts look at the possibility of an online-only holiday season and what this means for global brands.

The holiday season this year could see most purchases made online as people avoid in-store experiences. Digital River’s panel looked at what this means for global brands going forwards.

The Uncertainty into Opportunity ecommerce webinar series returns, with Digital River, Akeneo and Lenovo weighing in on the very real possibility that this year’s holiday season will see online-only purchases – at the cost of the in-store economy. Access the webinar now to hear how the world’s largest companies are preparing their digital portfolio to accommodate evolving consumer expectations and behaviours.

As many merchants start to prepare for holiday season 2020, one thing is certain: this year’s busiest season will be anything but typical. COVID-19 has moved more shoppers online, with ecommerce purchases in April and May actually exceeding holiday season levels.

With more shoppers comfortable making online purchases, and the pandemic continuing to keep people at home, brands need to prepare now for the influx of online shopping to come when the holidays near. From creating promotions that cut through the noise to ensuring consistency with your last-mile delivery, the way to win holiday season 2020 is by building seamless online buying experiences that capture mindshare and inspire purchases.

Mike French (Digital River) is joined by Ali Hanyaloglu (Akeneo), Adam Walsh (Digital River), and Angus Cormie (Lenovo). This is your chance to gain more knowledge about the evolving ecommerce sector, how major consumer brands are responding, and how to embrace new methods to exceed consumer expectations this holiday season.

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How to Survive the Online-Only Holiday Season

With veteran speakers from Digital River, Akeneo and Lenovo, you’ll gain new insights into how leading brands are establishing an enhanced digital presence to maintain sales this holiday season.

Audience Questions Answered

The on-demand webinar also features audience participation, where attendees to the live webinar asked their burning questions. Gain industry insight from your peers!

Leveraging Multiple Channels to Increase Engagement

Buyers only convert when they’re familiar with a product. Digital River’s speakers showed that a seamless experience, where a customer can find out more about a product easily, is critical to maintaining sales in an online-only world.


The Panel


Angus Cormie
Director, EMEA Ecommerce,

Angus’s career spans over 30 years, with senior positions at leading companies like Telefónica, Dell Technologies and now Lenovo to his name. He is an experienced digital professional and team leader with a broad digital marketing and IT development background. Angus is driven by a passion to develop engaging and flawless ecommerce experiences and digital initiatives – and subsequent growth (both monetary and experience metrics). He is also a founding member of the UK Econsultancy Digital Advisory Board.

Ali Hanyaloglu, Head of Global Product Marketing,

Ali Hanyaloglu
Head of Global Product Marketing,

Following senior posts at Adobe, Progress Software, Criteo, and Coveo in a career spanning 20 years, Ali is now the Head of Global Product Marketing at Akeneo. He uniquely brings leadership, positioning and communication skills, along with best practices for innovation and success in product marketing, competitive intelligence, and sales and customer enablement from leading global technology companies.

Adam Walsh, Senior Director of Customer Success, Digital River

Adam Walsh
Senior Director of Customer Success,
Digital River

Adam Walsh is an MBA Graduate and a Senior Director of Customer Success at Digital River. In his 20 years in the ecommerce industry he has helped to successfully launch, manage, and grow global online stores for such organizations as Microsoft, Samsung, Casio, HR Block, Intel, and Avid among others. Adam has extensive leadership history in growing and running effective global teams focused on business operations, strategic marketing, merchandising, acquisition, conversion and retention strategies. Adam is a proven leader within a fast-paced industry willing to find creative solutions to exceed goals.

Mike French, Vice President of Partnerships & Alliances, Digital River

Mike French
VP Partnerships & Alliances,
Digital River

With over 22 years of experience in 9 industries and a variety of Fortune 500 companies to his resume, Mike French is a highly experienced individual. He has worked internationally in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions as a consultant, manager and executive. He successfully engaged with C-level leadership to drive transformative results in operational effectiveness, client satisfaction, revenue growth, and profitability.

In this on-demand webinar, Mike French moderates the discussion.


Introducing Digital River

Digital River are proactive partners, providing API-based Payments & Risk, Order Management and Commerce services to leading enterprise brands. That’s their sweet spot, their hyper-expertise. They know what makes your business tick. You’ll appreciate that they’re all-in, 100% obsessive about growing revenue at every click.



The duration of the webinar is 45 minutes.

  • Welcome and Introductions by Mike French, VP Partnerships & Alliances at Digital River

  • Open discussion of how to prepare your brand’s digital and ecommerce experiences for an online-only holiday season

  • Anecdotal feedback on the dos, the don’ts, the failure and learnings

  • Q&A with listeners

  • Wrap up and close