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Why the numbers add up for subscription models in global ecommerce

You’ve seen the rise of the sharing economy (think AirBnB or Uber), streaming rather than owning media (Spotify, Netflix), and more personalised and customised services (chatbots, ‘if you liked that product, try this’).

In ecommerce, these trends are manifested in the rise of the subscription economy. Where the focus is less on ownership, and more on bespoke experiences. This infographic highlights some of the top drivers, trends and predictions for this fast-growing form of online retailing.

Topics include:

The churn rate challenge

Examining the impact of declining customer loyalty and the need to deliver superior experiences.

Future business models to watch and harness

View insight from the likes of Gartner and Digital River, around the predicted growth and types of subscriptions.

Subscriptions for the win-win

See some of the top use cases, plus a summary of the top benefits to businesses and consumers.

Local considerations

Discover where your subscription strategies will need to be adjusted, to take into account regional perceptions around value.

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